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A NEW BOOK—This time I am the illustrator! Gunilla Norris, four of whose books I edited at Bell Tower, wrote the text for ON THE WING, an exquisite book of days illustrated with my paintings. Andrews McMeel is publishing the book on December 6, 2016, and you can purchase copies from online booksellers, your local bookseller, or me. The book is printed in five colors, has emerald green endpapers and a sky-blue ribbon marker, and can be used to record the lyrical (and any other) moments in your life. There’s a space for each day, but you can write in it in any year. Best of all, the price for this elegant journal is only $14.99—a perfect gift for yourself, in addition to friends and family. See Books Written and Illustrated pages for details.


Two Wonderful Interviews: In October 2015, Alan Steinfeld of New Realities interviewed me about my writing and painting on his NYC tv  show on MNN. You can watch it here, and, in June 2016, Paul Swanson wrote from Albuquerque, asking if he could interview me for his website, Contemplify: Kindling the Examined Life, saying, “Your work, Caught in the Act, has had an ardent impact on my life, and has been a loving shove into further self-cultivation and a deeper connection with my own soul. You came to mind as someone whose life shines a light on a contemplative way forward.” He had already posted interviews on Thomas Merton, Simone Weil, John Muir, and Julian of Norwich, so this was definitely not an invitation to be sneezed at. Paul turned out to be a wonderful interviewer, who drew out of me many things I didn’t know I knew. You can listen to the podcast here.


MANY BLESSINGS: In the July 2014 issue Science of Mind magazine ran a 5-page interview by Pamela Bloom, entitled “Second Acts: Celebrated editor Toinette Lippe mines her spiritual insights to reinvent herself after retirement.” It featured six of my paintings, a photo of me, and a box displaying my own two books plus a list of some of the authors I worked with over the years.

OneTheMagazine.com, a beautiful online quarterly devoted to experiences of awakening, chose me as its featured artist in its Summer 2014 issue, showing 18 of my paintings and a short introduction,
and in the Fall issue it published my essay “Dwelling in the Great Space”.

In Summer 2014 Contemplative Journal released the first of four pilgrimage pieces I adapted for its travel section. As many of you know, for twenty years I chronicled my adventures in far-flung places and friends dubbed these letters “Travels with Toinette.” The first piece is about my trip to China “In the Footsteps of Dogen.” You can read it here (free). The second will be going in search of Rumi. And in November they used my paintings on their home page to accompany four poems by my author Gunilla Norris.

In July 2014, Janet Conner of Unity Online Radio’s “The Soul-Directed Life” interviewed me for a series entitled “The Call to Imperfection,” and you can listen to it free here.

Exploring the heART of it: Textile artist Mirka Knaster’s “We Need Space” post on her lovely blog is all about space, a subject dear to my heart. And she chose my art and writing to accompany her thoughts.

In its Fall/Winter 2014 issue, Via Regia Journal, the twice-yearly print magazine for the exploration, representation, and articulation of contemplative experience, published by the Center for Contemplative Practice, featured 11 of my paintings and an essay I wrote about the use of space in my work.


NEW EDITIONS OF MY TWO BOOKS: In February 2014 Monkfish Book Publishing released beautiful new ebook and paperback editions of both NOTHING LEFT OVER and CAUGHT IN THE ACT, with my paintings on the covers and as frontispieces. You can buy the paperback editions from me or from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or support your local bookstore by purchasing through IndieBound. And you can buy the e-book editions from Amazon, B&N, IndieBound, or Apple, but not from me (Sorry—too difficult). See Books Written pages for details.


TEACHING: I taught at the Educational Alliance on the Lower East Side from 2007-2011 and now offer three classes a year on the Upper West Side of New York City. The small (maximum 4 people) 2-hour classes are open to beginners, as well as those with experience. For details of classes and private lessons, please contact me.


TAO TE CHING/Lao Tsu: A new edition of the Feng/English translation of this classic, which I first published in 1972 (it has sold over a million copies), was released by Vintage in November 2011. The translation has been updated and there are over 100 new photographs by Jane English (duotones this time), a foreword by me, and a short introduction by Jacob Needleman. Vintage also released the text-only edition of the updated translation with an introduction and notes by Jacob Needleman, and, for the first time, an electronic version of the text-only edition. You can buy the illustrated edition and the text-only edition from me (but not the electronic edition). I came out of editorial retirement to work with Jane English on this wonderful new edition and she has added my name as translator.





“Better with Age,” Borough President Gale Brewer’s Maggi Peyton Gallery, New York City, October 10-December 1. (Juried art show of artists over 60).


SPIRITUALITY AND PRACTICE: Twenty-two of my paintings are featured on this lovely site.


Second Solo Exhibit at the Bloomingdale Branch of the New York Public Library, February.


“Blossoming Seeds of Vision,” China Institute, New York City, July 15-August 5.


Solo Exhibit: “For the Birds” at my apartment, New York City, November 5-6.


Solo Exhibit at my apartment, New York City, June 26-27.


Solo Exhibit at the Bloomingdale Branch of the New York Public Library, December.


“Blossoming Seeds of Vision,” China Institute, New York City, July 15-August 7.


Instructors Show, Educational Alliance, New York City, 
March 12-April 4.


Annual Exhibition of the Sumi-e Society of America, Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery, Dix Hills, NY, September 15-October 14.


Blossoming Seeds of Vision,” China Institute, New York City, July 18-August 10.


Solo Exhibit at my apartment, New York City, April 20-22.