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Toinette LippeI was born in London and began my publishing career there at Andr√© Deutsch. In 1964 I came to New York City “for a year,” worked at Simon and Schuster for three years, and then at Alfred A. Knopf for thirty-two more, as reprint rights director and senior editor. In 1989, while continuing as rights director at Knopf, I founded Bell Tower, an imprint of Crown/Harmony, where I was editorial director and published seventy books. I left Knopf in 2000 to work as a free-lance editor. My own two books Nothing Left Over: A Plain and Simple Life and Caught in the Act: Reflections on Being, Knowing, and Doing were originally published by Tarcher/ Putnam in 2002 and 2004, and reissued as ebooks and paperbacks with new afterwords, by Monkfish Book Publishing in 2014. In 2009 I published my last Bell Tower book and abandoned editorial work. Now I am free to paint....


Since 2007 I have been selling my paintings and cards, and in 2016 Andrews McMeel published On the Wing: Lyrical Moments, my first illustrated book, for which Gunilla Norris wrote the text.


My interests include tai chi chuan, yoga, therapeutic touch, East Asian brush painting, languages (fluent in French, not so fluent in German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Latin, and Sanskrit), and exploring the meanings of words in dictionaries and the geography of far-away places in atlases. I have also studied English, Sanskrit, and Hebrew calligraphy. I enjoy listening to early music, growing orchids, tending my plot in the community garden in Riverside Park a few blocks away, and telling stories.


I like to travel. I have made trips to the “rose-red city” of Petra in Jordan, to Fes in Morocco for the World Sacred Music Festival, to a monastery for a nine-day silent retreat, to Bali for the Arts Festival, to Havana for New Year's, to Rome to be with the Pope in St Peter's for the turn of the millennium, to China and Japan to visit Buddhist monasteries and paint rivers and mountains, to Turkey to trace the life of Rumi, to India and Nepal to follow in the footsteps of the Buddha, and to many other places. On my return I would write a long account of each journey and share it with a host of friends who enjoyed my trips vicariously.


I taught Chinese Ink Painting at the Educational Alliance in New York City for more than four years and now give small classes and private lessons on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.


Tiny Blossom


Many thanks to Sungsook Setton and Lu Wu for photographing my early paintings, to Sungsook Setton for the photo above, taken on Huang Shan, China, to Patricia Ryan Madson for chops and a wealth of practical help, to Jane English for creating and hosting my web page for a few years, and to Jessica Sinsheimer for her beautiful web design.